Five-Point Roofing Checklist for Spring

With warmer days on the way and the threat of snow and ice lessening for another year, you may think that your roof maintenance challenges are over for a while. However, the months between March and May bring their own specific issues. These months also afford an opportunity to carry out work which has been on hold over the winter and to prepare for later in the year.

Below, we look at five key maintenance tasks you should consider undertaking on your Leeds roof over the spring months.

Why is roof maintenance important?

While all roofs have a finite lifespan, by conducting regular maintenance, you can ensure yours performs at its best for the longest possible time.

Roofs are vital structures, which can often become overlooked when thinking about general property maintenance. However, damage to the roof can have a negative impact on a property’s integrity, leading to potentially costly, disruptive and extensive repairs.

Fortunately, you can help to avoid this scenario through regular roof maintenance, through which you can identify and rectify issues before they turn serious.

It might seem overwhelming but breaking your roof maintenance down by season can be a good way to keep the tasks manageable. Our checklist of roof maintenance tasks for spring includes:

1. Book a roof inspection

Weeks of inclement weather and low temperatures during the winter months can have a detrimental effect on roofs. Threats can include damage from the build-up of fresh fallen snow, water from melting snow, and freeze-thaw weathering.

If the season has seen high winds, there might also be damage to the tiles. Additionally, the harsh weather makes inspecting and repairing roofs particularly challenging.

With this in mind, one of the most important jobs for spring is to bring in the experts to conduct a full roof inspection, to determine any damage and to schedule roof repairs before it gets worse. For older properties, an inspection can also determine whether you need to start considering a full roof replacement.

At DPR Roofing, we offer domestic and commercial roof inspection services for properties of all kinds across Leeds to provide property owners peace of mind throughout the year.

2. Remove potential hazards

Another job which may have been neglected over the winter months is the clearing of potential hazards that could harm your roof, such as overhanging tree branches. Strong wind and storms remain a weather concern across the country throughout the year and any branches that snap off could lead to costly damage if they hit your roof.

So, it is advisable to arrange to have any branches overhanging your roof trimmed, wherever possible. For safety reasons, we always recommend bringing in trained experts to access your roof and to carry out any work which requires high level access, including attending to surrounding trees.

3. Clean out your gutters

While this is a task which needs to be carried out periodically year round, clearing your gutters is especially important during the spring. Again, this is due to the fact that winter’s inclement weather might have left this task neglected.

Well maintained gutters are a key element in ensuring your roof functions optimally. A build-up of leaves, mould or debris in the guttering hinders its ability to effectively drain off rainwater, which can potentially lead to water damage.

Again, it is advisable to call in the experts to carry out gutter clearance. As well as ensuring the work at height is undertaken safely using the right equipment, roof professionals will spot any related concerns which can be addressed before they get worse, so you can arrange for any necessary repairs or realignment.

4. Schedule a roof cleaning

The spring months are a great time to consider booking a roof cleaning if you have not had one in the past few years. The warmer summer months can bring a build-up of mould and decay, as well as moss and algae. Failing to address this can not only affect the performance of the guttering, it can eventually damage the roof covering.

We strongly recommend bringing in a professional roofing firm to clean the roof of your domestic or commercial property. In addition to the health and safety risks of trying to access your roof, professionals will ensure that the right products are used for the cleaning. If your roof is prone to build-up, a special treatment might be advised to prevent growth or regrowth.

5. Check your loft or attic

Roof maintenance is not just about what is going on outside, it includes areas directly below the roof, which usually means your property’s loft or attic. Often, this is a job you can safely carry out yourself, as long as the space offers good access via steps or a retractable loft ladder.

Things to look for include signs of damp in the timbers or on the flooring, which may indicate a leak. There might also be a musty smell or patches of peeling paint. Keep an eye out for any shafts of daylight coming through, which can indicate damage to the tiling.

A further check is to the air vents, which might have been covered up by stacked boxes or personal belongings. It is also worth checking your attic or loft insulation and to consider having it repaired or replaced well before autumn to make sure heat is not being lost through the roof, adding to your energy bill.

Looking ahead to summer and beyond

Roof maintenance is a year-round task, with a continuing threat of unpredictable weather, as well as season-specific issues, such as autumn leaves and wintry snow and ice. We recommend making an annual roofing calendar and regularly carrying out inspection and maintenance. This way, you can help to ensure your Leeds roof remains a reliable structure that protects your home or business premises all year round.

Let us help you keep on top of your roof maintenance

Whatever the season, DPR Roofing keeps domestic and commercial roofs across Leeds functional and well-maintained. Contact us today on 0113 335 0043 to discuss your roofing needs or to find out more about our services.