How to Protect Your Roof in Winter

Winter is undoubtedly the most challenging time of the year for your roof. If your property isn’t ready for it, the season could be much more stressful that it needs to be. In this post, we’ll outline why winter is such a challenging time and how to protect your roof as the season approaches.

The importance of roof protection in winter

First of all, it’s important to outline why roofing needs attention in winter. There are a few factors that contribute…


We all know that temperatures drop in winter. But more often than not, the months with the most rainfall come in winter too. Over the past 8 years, for example, the two months with the most rainfall according to Statista were December 2015 and February 2020.

It will come as no surprise that more rainfall equals more roof leaks. In some cases, windy or icy weather can loosen roofing materials or create cracks. However, most of the time, it’s a break in the roof that was already there – and the heavy rainfall is simply exposing it.


Because of the worse weather, roofers are in high demand. This is an issue in the thick of winter because it means you can’t get your roof fixed or replaced as quickly as you’d like. Good roofers may have a waiting list of several days or even weeks before they can fit you in.

The alternative is to go for a roofer that’s not busy – if you can find one. However, a roofer having plenty of availability in winter is a bit of a red flag. You have to ask yourself why doesn’t anyone want them to fix their roof, even at the time of the year when leaks are most prevalent?

Working conditions

To add to that, the bad weather means that roofing is more likely to be rained off. Not only do rain, wind and ice cause issues for your roof, they make it unsuitable for roofers to do their job. Working at height in bad weather poses problems both for roofers and your property.

Again, you might think it’s good to find a roofer that’s happy to work in those conditions. You’ll soon change your mind when rain is pouring in as they strip off your old tiles!

What you can do to protect your roof in winter

Inspection, inspection, inspection

Location might be the most important thing for a property, but when it comes to your roof, “inspection” is the word that’s well worth repeating. Inspecting your roof before winter is the best way to check its condition prior to the worst weather.

As mentioned earlier, many of the problems that lead to leaks in winter are already present. Or at least there will be signs of the root cause. As an example, some nails might have worn away over time, meaning that tiles could slip out of place at any moment. Water won’t be getting in just yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

When it comes to inspecting your roof, you have two main options – a professional survey or a DIY inspection. Both have their merits, though the DIY route is not a standalone solution.

How to inspect your roof yourself

Inspecting your roof yourself is by no means an alternative to a professional inspection. However, it’s a good way to take a belt and braces approach in-between inspections, or just give yourself a little more peace of mind.

To start with, you should never attempt to get on your roof without the right training. Instead, a DIY inspection can be done from the ground level, looking up at your roof:

  • Check for any tiles that have come loose or slipped out of place altogether
  • Make sure the metal flashing is all in place around your chimney or skylights
  • Inspect the gutters to look for any leaks, cracks or loose parts
  • Ensure the ridges are in a good condition

You can then inspect from the inside, heading up to your loft or roof space if it’s safe to do so:

  • Go up in the day and leave the lights off. Look for any daylight passing through your roof, as this shows where water could be getting through
  • Look for any damp patches or visible leaks

Don’t cut back on professional inspections

As well as checking your roof yourself, you should have it inspected by a professional every year. Going beyond your visual checks, roofers will be able to see your roof up close and look at every last component to make sure it’s ready for winter.

If they find any issues, they can give you a fixed quote to fix them – or even fix them there and then if you choose. This is undoubtedly the best way to get true peace of mind throughout the coldest, wettest season.

Get repairs done promptly

The next step to protect your roof in winter is to be proactive when it comes to repairs. If anything looks awry from the inside or outside of your roof, call a professional roofer to get it inspected. Or if your roofer spots even the smallest issue when inspecting your roof, it’s worth taking their advice and repairing it as soon as possible.

One thing that all roofing problems have in common is that they don’t go away. Quite the opposite. The longer you leave it, the worse it will get – so it’s much better to act now before winter arrives.

Get your roof ready for winter

If you want to make sure your roof is ready for winter before the worst of the weather arrives, DPR Roofing is on hand across Leeds and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years’ experience in domestic and commercial roofing, our team can inspect your roof thoroughly to identify even the smallest issues.

We’ll then provide a no obligation quote for repairs and explain everything clearly, so you can make an informed decision. Arrange an inspection today by calling 0113 335 0043 or emailing [email protected].