The team at DPR did themselves proud recently. We had quite a difficult job at the Barclays Capital Growth centre in Gadbrook Park, Cheshire, clearing and servicing the rainwater control systems and air conditioning release pipes.

It was a long week for those involved as every day the team had to set off at 4.30am to reach the site at a respectable hour. Barclays could undoubtedly hire someone closer to home but after having worked with them in the past they know and trust the roofing services we provide.

We set off so early as it gave us a couple of hours of unhindered work before 400 staff arrived. At this point it became very difficult as the team had to then navigate around all the cars in the car park building up until no space was left to which they then worked on the inner courtyards until the staff left for home so DPR could then get back on the outer works.

At this point we have to praise all the team that carried out the work at Barclays. They had incredibly early mornings and didn’t get back most evenings until 9pm. And yet we have heard nothing but good things about their performance.

We are proud to be working with a client as large as Barclays, who are constantly providing us ample challenges to test out roofing skills.

Also, we have recently started working with another huge and respectable client. We now supply our roofing services to the Department for Education (DFE). We are overjoyed to be working with such a fantastic institution, and can’t wait to start working on some of their other properties.

DPR offer complete roofing services, to both domestic and commercial clients we offer flat and pitched roof repairs. lead work, slate and tiled roofs. We also offer complete gutter cleaning, repair and replacements and we have the necessary equipment to be able to offer high level access work. If you would like to learn more about our services just give us a call on 0113 335 0043.