It doesn’t matter how well installed a roof is, roofs on commercial premises take an incredible amount of abuse from the elements due to their large area coverage. In summer buildings expand and contract with the hot weather, which puts stress on the roof. In winter it has to take the full brunt of mother-nature from the freezing cold weather. The reduced temperatures of winter also put extra stress on the external structures, such as the walls, windows and roof.

This means that commercial roofs are subject to incredible amounts of wear and tear. This is obviously made worse if regular maintenance is not carried out, which in a huge number of cases, it undoubtedly isn’t.

Because of this, commercial roofs are susceptible to developing faults. In most cases these faults are presented in the way of leaks. We probably don’t have to re-iterate, but leaks in a commercial premises are extremely damaging and this is not referring to the damage that is caused to the building, this refers to the risk it puts staff and clients under. There is also the risk that normal operations will have to halt, while the leak is fixed, which could mean a loss of turnover.

Also, if water was to come into contact with any machinery or computers, it could damage those.

How well would your business survive if the computers were down for just one day?

This is why DPR roofing, based near Leeds, offer comprehensive commercial roof repairs. When we are called we act promptly as we know better than anyone the damage a leaking roof can cause. We have worked on buildings of most sectors, and are trusted by some of the largest organisations in the country.

With most things but especially so with roofing, prevention is better than the cure. This is why DPR roofs offer retained services in which we will visit your premises on a regular basis and carry out basic servicing and maintenance checks. By doing so we can prevent damage and leaks from occurring, or spot them before they do any real damage.

To find out more about retained services, or the work we do on commercial roof repairs then just call us on 0113 335 0043.