A crane made a surprising entrance into fast food giants McDonalds last week as it toppled through the roof at the outlet in County Durham.

The crane had been on site to carry out scheduled development work on the outlet, and toppled whilst moving an outdoor chiller unit. Although there were people in the building at the time, no one was hurt in the freak accident. The restaurant was immediately closed and will remain closed until repair work has been carried out.

In circumstances like these, McDonalds will lose valuable income and this is where Leeds Roofers can help. We have been providing commercial roof repairs for a number of years across Yorkshire and the North of England.

Commercial roof repairs do not have to be as major as this McDonalds example but they can still cause problems for the workforce inside the building. Leaks can be a nuisance and tiles falling off the roof could cause damage to company cars, or make the building unsafe for visitors, which would be a nightmare if you owned a shop.

Our commercial repairs Leeds roofer team are competent in a number of different areas, including flat roofing, and can supply a top drawer service quickly and for a competitive price. We work hard to meet the specific requirements of all our local businesses and strive to offer the best service around.

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