DPR are delighted to announce they have passed the Wakefield College Estates strict criteria to become an approved roof contractor for their sites.

As a result, we will now carry out roofing work on many education buildings within the local area, including the prestigious Wakefield Girls High School, the many numerous buildings that make up Wakefield College Campus, Castleford Campus and the Wakefield Museum building.

The partnership will see us involved in major emergency work, as well as general roofing maintenance and roof repairs. According to their interviewing panel, a key deal clincher was our cherry picker. They were delighted we owned one and it reaffirms our commitment to having the best roofing equipment.

The tending process saw us come out on top of the best roofing competition from many other local other roofing companies, signifying our commitment to providing the best quality service within the area.

This arrangement, although only signed very recently, has already seen our engineers carry out emergency roof repairs at the Castleford Campus site. Our team of roofers were able to solve the problem, which was caused by the recent weather.

They are experts in repairs including replacing tiles, splits in any guttering or even roof movement, which can become extremely serious. As with all these types of repairs, additional signs such as leakages and damp could well be apparent.

DPR are delighted to be involved with such an established and respected Estate and hope to be able to offer our services on a number of roofing jobs in the near feature.