According to the latest statistics released by Barbour ABI, the construction sector is continuing to grow and will have a peak in the summer of 2016, with more building work already scheduled.

February’s stats show that the construction sector is more buoyant than this time last year and that the number of contracts is higher than in January.

The most recent peak was in November last year however the sector is starting to reach similar levels. With the increase in the amount of planned contract work already in the diary as well on a national level, it is expected that around 1300 contracts will be worked on during the spring and summer period each month.

What does this mean?

Well, during the slump a few years ago when the construction sector was at one of its lowest points, there were less than 700 contracts worked on a month so that highlights the positivity right now.

According to the same report, £5.6bn was the total construction contract value of February. Speaking about the statistics, Michael Dall, who is the lead economist for Barbour ABI said: “Overall consensus is that construction activity remains on track to grow, with a solid pipeline building up over the spring and summer months. The industry is still growing at a steady enough pace, but as previously stated, more growth from the infrastructure and commercial & retail sectors would provide a substantial boost.”

Why is this good for DPR?

This positive pipeline of works is great news for DPR. The majority of this construction is within the housebuilding sector as the government looks to build the much needed houses they require by 2020. DPR has contract in place with house builders and housing associations and the more houses that are built allows for DPR to tender for new roof builds, as well as continue to improve roofs on existing houses where funding is also given.

So, as the construction sector continues to pick up, do you require works on a commercial or domestic building where the expertise of a qualified roofer like DPR is needed? If you do, please call us at your earliest convenience.