A flat owner in Leeds had a scary experience a few months ago after a fire broke out on his flat roof balcony.

The flat was actually familiar to DPR as we had repaired the flat roof before the incident something which could have saved lives. The old felt roof would have gone up in flames however the new fire resistant fibreglass roof which we installed only a year ago successfully stopped the fire spreading and damaging properties to the side, above and below.

The cause of the fire is not known however the pictures would appear to show what looks like a small area, the size of a pan that has caused the damage to the roof, and also burn marks up the walls.

DPR would like to remind people that if there roof is not up to scratch then a freak accident like this in a flat could have serious consequences.

If you are concerned about your flat roof, or would like to get it changed to a sturdier composition such as fibreglass, please do not hesitate to call our Leeds roofers on 0113 335 0043.

Making sure your roof is safe can save lives so do not put it off if you know you are at risk.