DPR Roofers are requesting people check their guttering after a local Wakefield company had to shut down for two days after water damage effected the wiring in their office.

The problem, caused by neglect to the guttering for a number of years, could have easily been avoided had they had regular maintenance each year.

DPR Roofing offer a guttering clearance and maintenance service from £100 a year to help avoid companies having to close temporarily due to water damage sustained that can so easily be avoided.

The solicitors in Wakefield city centre did not know there was a problem with the guttering until our survey, and during the survey it was clear they had never been looked at in many years. Lots of vegetation and silt was present in the guttering and there was no way water would effectively fall to the drain outlets, even if it did the outlets were sealed over with plant life and silt.

This then meant that the wall was incredibly wet and damage had been caused to all the electrics inside the building, including phone line and internet, which would all have to be replaced. The cost of replacing these is not only extremely expensive but so inconvenient and could have been avoided through regular cleaning.

This company, who rent the building from a landlord, are not the only ones to fall foul of lack of gutter maintenance. Many businesses will not think about getting their gutters checked until it is too late and water is running into the building affecting stock and machinery/office equipment.

With last weekend bringing to an end the summer as well, the winter rains are forecast to arrive so now is the last opportunity to ensure your guttering is cleared before the winter gets underway. If you are concerned or would like to one of our team to come and put your mind at ease, arrange for a survey this week.