DPR Roofing has recently provided planned roofing works at the Unity Housing headquarters in Leeds. The top floor offices were getting flooded out due to blocked and leaking internal roof void drains for box gutters.

The works included, scaffolding and removing a large section of roof slates on the pediments directly above the hopper areas where the leaks were present. They allowed for full renewal in a sealed system as once roofed over the pipes are inaccessible.
Our team then remade roof coverings back to new with new underfelt, treated lattes and quality salvaged slates.

These works were completed using scaffolding on site and DPR stated that due to the nature of the roof fixings, (galvanised nail), that it was highly likely that the majority of, if not all, slates will break upon removal and therefore replacements will be needed.

DPR were also carrying out other roof repairs on the commercial property which caused leakages into the building. By extending the scaffold to pass by the next roof pediment, the team were able to carry out numerous slate & roof vent repairs due to leakage in the data store room.

This works also included the clean and reline of both lead valleys in our polymer resin due to the age of the lead. This will significantly increase the longevity of the roof and improve its condition.

DPR Roofing has provided planned roofing works of this nature for a number of local Yorkshire companies and we can often plan in scheduled works around your timescales to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

If you would like to know more about our commercial roofing services, please do not hesitate to contact DPR Roofing today.