If you never really take the time to inspect your roof on your Huddersfield property, you are certainly not alone – it’s pretty normal to ignore your roof.

However, it must is that most people that do ignore their roofs will regret having done so when something goes wrong with it. By taking the time to inspect the roof and minor fixes periodically you could potentially save yourself a small fortune in costly repairs.

We would recommend inspecting your roof once every six months in the spring and autumn, with the interior being the best place to start – so grab a torch and take a trip to the attic.

However, sometimes the only solution is to buy a new roof. Here are the signs that you need to do just that:

Signs on the inside

• Any evidence of sagging in the roof deck
• Evidence of leaks or water damage – stains on ceiling are sign of this, although this could also suggest that the house is insufficiently ventilated
• Dark spots or trails
• Sunlight shining from the outside

Signs on the exterior

Note: We do not recommend climbing on your roof – use binoculars to inspect it.
• Damaged/missing flashing
• Dark/dirty areas on your roof
• Loose/missing shingles – this is a sign of advanced wear
• Buckling
• Rotting, mould, excess moisture – this could be caused by water-related problems and could appear from 24-48 hours of the problem having occurred
• Algae growth
• Loose/exposed nails
• Overflowing gutters
• Rise in energy bills – ineffective roofing could be letting in the cold and require extra use of the heating

Don’t jump to conclusions

If your roof is less than 15 years old it could be that there is a simpler solution and your roof doesn’t need to be replaced. To check that your roof has been properly installed contact Trading Standards, or trusted local roofers in the Huddersfield area.

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