DPR Roofing Barnsley were contacted by a customer in Doncaster recently when they discovered a leak in one of their upstairs bedrooms. A roofer from DPR attended the property to carry out a detailed inspection and establish the cause.

The resulting roof repair project involved DPR roofers erecting access equipment at the property and removing damaged Hardrow slates which were causing the water penetration. These were replaced with god quality new Hardrow slates using code 4 lead straps and galvanised fixings. DPR also refixed any existing dislodged slates and cleaned down all heavy moss which had built up in the joints.

To complete the project DPR raked out all of the defective ridge pointing and repointed back to good using roofing grade mortar.

If you would like to discuss any roofing problems, or are concerned about a roof repair, contact DPR Roofing Barnsley on 01226 670008.