A few years ago, DPR took the decision to invest in a state of the art 2 man powered access boom which allows our Yorkshire office based roofers to tackle difficult high level roofing work. Whether you have a tricky to reach roof, or pictures of the problems need to be taken from a birds-eye view, we can use the equipment to provide quicker and better roof repair and new roof work in Yorkshire.

Since we have had the equipment, we have been involved in many projects but at the end of last month the high access boom had one of the busiest days ever.

In the morning, the boom was deployed at Wakefield College in the city centre. The Wakefield college estate is a client we regularly carry out work for and this scheduled work was needed due to repair work being completed before the academic year started. Because we have a success platform, we could be on site for a short amount of time, speed up the repair process and prevent other trades from being unable to work during the repairs.

This was completed quickly, so from their it went to the conservation area of St John to attended to the need of a blocked high level gutter. Without an access platform this would be very difficult to clear, but our team were able to get above the gutter and easily scoop out the leaves and debris which had caused the blockage, before carrying out water jetting to remove any other blockages below.

This gutter was not easy to access due to a tight location, however the slim-line vehicle can easily access tighter ground spaces where other machines are unable to do so.

Using an access boom allows us to carry out high quality roof work safely and securely, whilst also ensuring that all work meets the standards of the roofing regulators. The access boom also allows for higher level photography to be conducted, with safer use of a drone as well which is a new method of taking higher level pictures.

In conclusion however, having a high access boom allows us to carry out roof repair work which other roofs in Leeds cannot do. Our team have multiple years experience using the equipment and are fully qualified.

If you have a problem with your roof in a tricky to reach location, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0113 335 0043.