8 Benefits of PVC Guttering

It may fly under the radar, but guttering plays a pivotal role in helping your building look sharp and perform at its best. While gutters were traditionally made from tin, aluminium or wood, modern polyvinyl chloride (PVC) technology has marked a new era of strength, durability and value for money.

Want to know more? Here’s why you should consider PVC gutters for your next project…

1.   A global choice

One of the most widely produced synthetic plastic polymers in the world, PVC is an extremely versatile material. Factories churn out around 40 million tonnes of PVC every year which is used to fashion everything from shoes and raincoats to vinyl flooring and of course, gutters.

2.   Quick to install

Lightweight and easy to install, PVC gutters bring down the initial costs of labour. Each section simply snaps into place which drives down installation costs and gets your gutters secured and in place as quickly as possible. Should your PVC gutters experience any damage, the costs of repairing will also remain low.

3.   Cost effective

PVC gutters are cheaper than metal/timber which gives them a cost-effective edge. They also come in a variety of different styles and qualities which means you can customise your look to suit your budget and desired aesthetic.

4.   No painting

PVC gutters allow you to say goodbye to flaking paint, wet rot, metal scratches and rusted metal. Instead, PVC gutters are incredibly water resistant and will never rust, corrode or rot. The material is smooth and doesn’t need to be painted which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

5.   Easy to clean

Attempting to clean gutters yourself can be incredibly time consuming, not to mention dangerous. It’s always best to enlist the help of professionals. But it’s no secret older gutters can be tough to clean and result in higher labour costs. PVC gutters overcome this problem with a set-up that’s quick and easy to clean for professionals.

6.   Strong and durable

PVC gutters are made from moulded plastic which makes them significantly stronger and more durable than their metal and wood counterparts. The lack of welded seams means you eliminate the risk of corrosion and instead enjoy the durability of a single unit. The added strength also means PVC gutters are more capable of withstanding the weight of snow and ice. In fact, PVC gutters are manufactured to flex and bow with extra weight.

7.   A neat and tidy aesthetic

If you value clean lines and a streamlined aesthetic, PVC gutters are just the ticket. Unlike metal gutters they aren’t prone to bends and dents. Instead, they’re flexible and durable which means your property will continue to look immaculate.

8.   A customisable choice

Because they’re made from plastic, you can also customise the shape and colour of PVC gutters to suit the style and finish of your building. While custom orders will likely increase the overall cost, the flexibility is often worth the extra outlay for many clients.

Guttering in Leeds

With so many benefits on offer, it’s no surprise PVC gutters are gaining popularity across the UK. If you’re looking to repair, replace or simply clear your gutters in Leeds, DPR Roofing can help. We’re a team of roofing experts, offering a range of professional guttering services to Leeds and the surrounding areas.