Why Summer is the Perfect Time for a New Roof

If your roof is in desperate need of repairs, the earlier you can get it done, the better. However, if there’s no rush, you can choose the ideal time for you. What about summer? In this post, we’ll explore why summer is the perfect time for a new roof…

Less chance of rain

In the UK, we can never really rely on the weather to be completely dry. But the chances of it raining in summer are significantly lower than they are during the winter months. On top of that, the cold winter weather can cause frost and freezing issues, cracked tiles and disrupt the installation of a new roof.

So, not only will the summer make it easier to install your roof, the installation is more likely to get completed on time, with minimal disruption to your life.

Reduce your costs

In the winter, a healthy roof can reduce your heating bills and increase the energy efficiency of your home. By replacing your roof in the summer, your home will be completely winter-ready. That could save you hundreds on your energy bills in the upcoming months.

On top of that, the longer daylight hours and better weather in the summer gives roofers more time to work on the project, meaning the roof can be installed quicker. Whether you have to take time off work or arrange a neighbour to be around for your installation, you can spend less time at home with your roofers and more time at work earning money.

Convenient timing

Autumn is generally the most popular time for homeowners to replace their roof. But if you replace your roof in the summer, you’re far more likely to be able to choose a convenient time for you, without worrying about fitting into the contractor’s busy schedule.

Most homeowners may postpone their roof replacement until after the summer holidays, when their children are back at school. Instead, you can make the most of the freed-up schedule and choose dates that fit around you.

Safer to repair

Without the rain, wind and cold winter weather, repairing roofs can be much safer in the summer. We don’t advise anyone to attempt to replace their own roof without proper training and experience, as there’s a massive risk of injury and a bad job been also. However, even with roofing contractors’ extensive training and experience, the whole job will be safer in dry conditions.

Local roofing experts

At DPR Roofing in Leeds, we have over 30 years’ experience replacing roofs for domestic and commercial properties in the local area. Whether it’s a single home or multiple offices, our local team of roofing experts can make sure your property is at its best with a new roof this summer.