DPR Roofing became aware of a roofing controversy today after it emerged that a heritage centre in Soctland hoping to rebuild its roof with local slate tiles has infact used tiles imported from England.

The Atlantic Islands Centre at Cullipool on the Isle of Luing is currently under construction and was intended to be used as a showpiece to celebrate the islands proud slate quarrying past. However, after years of negotiations and slow building, the project finally saw some progress with roof tiles being added.

However, the progress was because the tiles were foreign and did not come from the area. Now, members of the planning committee are enforcing that the tiles be removed and replace by the famous West Highland slate. Some centre bosses had wanted to use slate from Spain.

The controversy has not come without people backing the new slate however with supporters arguing that the new slate from England will last longer and actually blends better into the current surroundings.

Edna Whyte, 84, from the island is however against the move and she told the Aberdeen Journal: “The whole character of the village stems from the quarry and the whole purpose of the building was to celebrate the island’s heritage,” she said.

“We have a lot of visitors to the island and I feel this could make us a laughing stock.

“Everywhere you look on the island there is this slate. Using anything else will be all out of kilter.”

The island has only 200 residents and of the 32 who made a case, 17 rejected the alternative slate whilst 15 were for the use of new slate.

Andrew Pinkerton who is the project manager for the rebuild said he was disappointed that no new slate was allowed to be used, commenting:“If you use reclaimed slate, you are looking at something which has already been on a roof for 70 years.

“We have an obligation as developer and to our funders to insure that the building will last.”

However, Councillor Roddy McCuish said it was ironic that local slate was not used and added: “I am disappointed and find it ironic that an island that is world famous for slate was trying to use slate from Spain for the roof. Every effort should be made to use local slate. If that is not possible, they should be trying their best to at least use Scottish slate.”

It appears this controversy will rumble on so watch this space as DPR report on some of the other more controversial findings.