Winter Has Passed – Why is My Roof Still Leaking?

If you’ve got problems with your roof, winter is undoubtedly the most difficult season to get through. That’s especially true when most roofers are fully booked, and you have to wait a few weeks or months to get your roof fixed.

However, some homeowners take the opposite approach. If they can grin and bear it for the winter, the leak might die down once the worst of the weather has passed. Unfortunately, that’s never the case.

Rain, rain, go away

While winter is certainly the wettest season in the UK, it’s not the only time we see rainfall. According to the Met Office Hadley Centre, which calculates the average rainfall for each month over a 30-year period, the wettest months are November, December and January.

As expected, these are in winter and late autumn. However, the supposed driest months like June and July still have over half the rainfall we see in winter, on average. In other words, the UK is a pretty wet country all year round, with around 150 “raindays” each year.

Essentially, if there’s a problem with your roof, it’s not going to go away just because the weather has warmed up.

But I didn’t have problems before winter…

One of the reasons people expect their roof to stop leaking after winter is because it wasn’t leaking before the worst weather hit. If the problem only became apparent when there was a storm or heavy rainfall, for example, they assume it will go away once the storm has passed.

Again, this is an unfortunate misconception. It’s true that the worst weather can cause a leak to develop in your roof where there wasn’t previously a problem.

However, that happens because the heavy rainfall or high winds expose part of your roof and open it up. That could be a tile slipping out of place, the flashing coming loose or even something more serious.

Even if it has passed, the bad weather has still left your roof exposed to the elements, which allows any subsequent, less severe rainfall to get through.

Getting your roof fixed

The good news is that, yes, the worst of the weather is probably over. That gives you plenty of time to get the issue seen to before winter comes back around.

Roofers are typically less busy throughout warmer months, with fewer people contacting them for emergency repairs. That means you’ll have no problem getting a professional inspection and scheduling the work. And with slightly less rainfall in the spring and summer months, there’s also less chance of the work getting rained off.

Roof repairs in Leeds

If you’ve got a leak in your roof, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or autumn, we would always recommend getting a professional inspection as soon as possible.

Drawing on years of experience, the team at DPR Roofing in Leeds can identify the root cause of your leak and provide robust, long-lasting repairs.

To find out more or arrange an inspection, contact our team on 0113 335 0043.