Whether you’re renovating and selling or just want a cheaper way to get on the property ladder, a fixer-upper is a great option. Put simply, it’s a property which needs a lot of work to make it inhabitable.

But with that comes a serious investment of both time and money, so you need to be prepared for a whole range of issues. Easily the most important, however, are the foundations and roof are easily the most important.

The roof protects your property from the outside world and its ever-changing weather. If it’s not in good shape, as is the case with so many fixer-upper properties, you could suffer from a range of issues making the home uninhabitable.

Want to know more? In this post, we explore why it’s essential to give plenty of attention to the roof on fixer-uppers.

Increased value

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home once the renovations are complete, a good roof adds a lot of value to a property. A house susceptible to leaks, colder winters and continued repairs will be worth much less than one without any issues.

If the roof is kept in good shape, without moss, algae or sags, a potential buyer can safely assume that they rest of the house has been well cared for, too. Resulting in higher valuations when it comes to selling your home.

Energy efficient

Not only will a good roof make you more money when it comes to selling your property, it will save you money in the meantime. The roof is a key component of a property’s thermal envelope. Translation? A strong, well-insulated roof will protect your home from the cold outside and keep more heat in your property.

This will make it easier to heat your home through the winter, reducing your energy bills. It’s also useful for those living in busy areas or near to an airport or motorway, as a solid roof can help to keep out some of the outside noise.

Easy on the eye

As well as keeping the inside protected, a well-built roof can transform the look of your home. After all, you don’t want people to see your house as a fixer-upper after work has been completed. DPR Roofing in Leeds can make sure your new roof is designed and constructed using the right materials to complement your property’s appearance to a tee.

Does your roof need some care?

Now you know the importance of a good roof on your fixer-upper, it’s useful to know what state it’s currently in. Roofs tend to last a fairly long time, especially with consistent maintenance. By nature, however, fixer-uppers have lacked that maintenance for some time, leaving them in quite a bad state.

While there is no substitute for having a professional roofer inspect your roof for signs of damage, you can take a look yourself for any obvious problems:

  • Do you have any damaged or missing tiles?
  • Can you see light coming into your loft/roof space?
  • Do you have any stains or marks along the top of your interior walls?
  • Is the roof sagging?

If you need any help inspecting or improving your roof, DPR are always on hand. We provide professional domestic roofing services in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Whatever the job, our team of experienced, fully-trained roofers can provide a cost-effective, long-lasting solution.

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