Whereas some projects like painting your house are quick and easy, fixing a roof ravaged either by age or by harsh weather conditions on the other hand is arguably not one of those. The main considerations are based on the notion of risk vs. reward.

Whereas perhaps the only genuine risk involved in painting a room – which can be done in a single day – is the inconvenience of family being unable to use the room, fixing a roof requires much more planning, skill and time, not to mention a head for heights.

Yet the reward of fixing a roof is arguably much greater than painting walls in room, as undertaking the necessary repairs on roof can save you a lot more time, money, and inconvenience; ignore broken roof tiles and leaks at your peril!

We have our fair share of storms in England, as well as high winds, rain and snow, all of which can wreak serious havoc on your roof. While one or two roof tiles broken in a storm may be harmless at first, as soon as the next storm comes, you could well be in for a nasty surprise.

We would recommend that you inspect your roof twice a year, ideally in spring and autumn; this costs you nothing and could help you save further damage therefore time and money. If you have a head for heights, go up on the roof to inspect and endeavour to replace or repair any broken or missing tiles.

While you’re up on the roof, look for any trees that might pose a threat to the integrity of the roofing structure if blown over or if branches land on your roof during the next bout of harsh weather.

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