DPR Roofing recently undertook urgent glass roof repair work at the XL Call Centre in Batley. The roof on the large commercial offices was in a very poor state and required immediate attention.

After an initial survey to ascertain the seriousness of the poor roof, DPR recommended and were then requested to remove the dangerous glass panel sections which were loose and were before removed a high safety risk, with the potential to fall inside the building.

To do this, DPR had to erect crawler boards for safe roof access and be very careful in the disposal of any of the glass roof sheets.

To eliminate the chance of this happening again, instead of using glass sheets, DPR recommended the following roof repair procedure: The creation of an industrial treated timber structure with GRP sheet roof and flashings. This is guaranteed against leakage for 10 years with life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

To conform to all new standards and to ensure the safety of all workers and staff, all waste is removed from site and disposed of in the correct ways.

DPR Roofing always takes health and safety very importantly too. Therefore during the work and before any work was carried out, our surveyor Darren Rickett made the following suggestions:
• Under no circumstances can persons be present below the work area during works. Falling glass, although unlikely, could prove fatal.
• We must stress that the office area beneath the glass sheet lights (under suspended ceiling) be not used during stormy weather, particularly high winds. We cannot be liable for any glass entry into the offices regardless of weather conditions prior to above works.

DPR are specialist roofing contractors in Yorkshire and specialise in the commercial and domestic markets. Our specialist GRP roof sheets are highly effective roofing materials and can be used in a range of applications.

Should you notice a problem with any of your roof and require urgent or scheduled roof repair work, please do not hesitate to contact us today.