DPR’s survey team carry on helping the general public as they assisted Fairbank Harding Ltd in Pudsey.

Mr Fairbank contacted the survey team after he was concerned about the guttering and the damaged canopy above his property.

DPR carried out an extensive survey on the property and found Fairbank Harding Ltd’s gutter to be in good condition, apart from some general leaf collection, but were worried about the neighbour’s gutter, which had wet rot after neglect.

Unfortunately, the rot is only spreading and there is no possible way of joining the two gutters together, so Mr Fairbank would have to work with the neighbour to get a new gutter.

Mr Fairbank’s shop canopy was however in very poor condition and could be dangerous for any customer to be directly under the shop feature.

DPR, in accordance with health and safety regulations, asked for the canopy to not be used and due to severity of the issue, will be starting emergency work straight away on the issue. If let, there could be a fatal accident.

The canopy carries a lot of weight and the damage (see picture) is of a very serious nature.

DPR would fit a new canopy system with new treated timbers and external grade plywood frontage and necessary trimming timbers prior to repainting to Oxford blue.

DPR&#146s survey team would like to state that problems can become very serious, very quickly and therefore if you do have any issues, please call us on 0113 3470916.