Strong winds that have hit the Leeds and Yorkshire area in the past month have caused structural damage to many iconic buildings.

One of the worst places to be hit was Bramley Shopping Centre, where roof tiles and parts of the roof have been battered leading to precautions to be taken to stop injury to shoppers.

Other tourist attractions, including the German Market and Lotherton Hall had to close during the storms as there could have been threats to public safety. Other areas that also closed include the Bridgewater Place where a person died in 2011 after strong winds blew a lorry onto him.

The most severe damage to roofs within the area was found at the Grand Mosque in Hyde Park where the roof was blown off in the strong winds, and near the Bramley Shopping centre where people were evacuated due to unsafe roofs.

Across the month, fire fighters have attended copious amounts of roof related issues as the winds of over 80mph at times took their toll on the historic structures. A message from the fire fighters said that they have received lots of calls and they urge people to take precautions. They also advised people to inform the emergency services should they believe an issue is to occur regarding roof structures.

Strong winds are expected to continue until the end of this month and Leeds Roofers are requesting people to take extra care. Should you notice a problem and need emergency help, our team are on hand to carry out quick repairs and secure your home again. You can get hold of one of our team on 0113 335 0043 and we will respond to your request as quickly as possible.