DPR Roofing has recently strengthen our Leeds Roofers team by conducting training with our staff to ensure we are ready for any winter eventuality.

The autumn and winter months are notorious for bad weather which can lead to problems for property owners, both on a domestic and commercial level, regarding their roofs. Whilst Leeds roofers continue to educate people on the need to check their roofs on a regular basis, it is often left too late, or not done at all, leading to heavy damage causing financial outlay.

Whilst Leeds roofers differ from many roofing companies in their approach, all roofers in the area know that this time of the year also causes delay to roofing works and thus if you require some immediate attention to your roof you should not delay.

Flat roof problems, caused by excess rain water on the roof will start to appear and if you have a missing tiles, expect to find a damp patch somewhere within your home before too long. With the cold night also leading to frost and ground coverings, you can also expect to pay more for heating should you have an issue with your roof or thermal insulation.

For a local business, if you have a problem with your roof that causes you to have to close down during this time, you could see a considerable loss of earnings so again make sure you call on a specialist team should you have any concerns or worries.

If you would like to know more about our roofing maintenance packages, you can speak to our team, they start from as little as £2.50 a week and this can mean that your company gets regular roofing checks thoroughly the year assessing any changes in the structure and carrying out gutter clearing works and other minor issues. This obviously helps prevent the start of a major roofing problem.

Once again, to speak to one of our Leeds roofing team, call us today.