DPR Roofing in Wakefield set about repairing the roof of a house in Wakefield after leaks had appeared inside the house at numerous locations.

After a thorough inspection, DPR began repairing the damaged caused by general wear and tear, but also due to the defective work done by the previous roofing contractor.

We raked out of all of the defective pointing to the side elevation of the main chimney stack on the left gable and repointed it back to a perfect condition using a roofing grade mortar for ultimate water protection.

We then raked out all the old pointing to the step flashings on the same chimney stack and cleaned it down ready for repointing using Leadmate compound.

Another leak was located on the right elevation gable window and was causing visible water damage to the house’s interior.

To rectify the problem we renewed the seal around the window and applied a fibreglass compound coating to the sill.

Both the interior and exterior of the house were left in an impeccable state as well as being waterproofed to prevent any further leaks.