When people think of roof damage, they think of strong winds and rain causing tiles or guttering to be blown off, or in severe cases a hole forming in the roof. From the resulting mess, they get damp patches and potential internal damage.

However, although these are a reason for roof damage, a more common problem is associated with a lack of maintenance on your roof. In Leeds alone, many houses show the effects of neglect, with leaves clogging up guttering and cracked tiles just left on show.

According to experts here at Leeds Roofers, some people sight financial constraints and time as major reasons why they do not check their roofs, but other reasons they have noted are safety issues, lack of access or simply not checking the roof, due to lack of education.

For this reason, DPR’s Leeds roofers have devised a property maintenance and roof care service which can put to bed our worries. Their package includes checking every part of the roof, looking for signs of weakness, as well as clearing of debris from guttering and much much more. Inspections can be carried out regularly but many choose for yearly, or bi-annual checks.

During these inspections, any problem that is reported by the roofers will then be reported back and the owner will be advised on whether it requires immediate attention or if it can be left for a period of time. By spotting the problems before they arise, work is often easier, quicker and cheaper without the problems of damage too.

Should you believe that a property maintenance check on your roof every year would be of benefit, then please do not hesitate to call on of our team. We have packages available for any and every eventuality and carry out a comprehensive service.

Addressing minor roof problems on your Leeds home before they escalate can help to maximize roof life and prevent unintended headaches and expense.