According to the latest reports in Roofing Today magazine, the residential housing market remains buoyant with figures for new build and maintenance at all-time highs. The demand for private and social housing also continues to increase.

Despite this however margins are being cut and this is being felt by roofers in the supply chain. According to experts in the industry this is for three main reasons: Legislation constraints, the ongoing costs of planning and skill shortages.

The new legislation and Eurocodes brought in by BS 5534mean that the fixing of tiles must conform to new standards. As a result this means the cost for roofing work will increase (because the time to fix these tiles increases) and this has an effect on costs.

The positive however is that more and more homes are getting built and this is great news for the industry. At DPR we have been working with many local house building companies providing them with expertise as well as helping housing associations when they have an issue, such as Unity Housing based in Leeds.

We will be monitoring the news surrounding the housing market bouncing a lot over the next few months and hopefully this will lead to more work for our roofers in Leeds, Wakefield and Huddersfield in the future.

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