DPR Roofing were called out to complete roof repairs to a property in Pontefract recently as strong winds had caused damage to the roof.

DPR completed a thorough inspection of the work and completed the resulting works. The project involved removing wind damaged verge caps to both verges, which were set aside so that they could be refit correctly. Stripping and setting aside for reuse of roof tiles to verge edge. Replacing any damaged fibre boards as required. Re-setting of verge tiles and fitting of verge caps to correct position, replacing verge caps which have become damaged beyond repair in storm as required.

A verge cap prevents the entry of birds and large insects into the ridge cavity. Birds will nest just about anywhere, including roof vents, wall vents, chimneys and roofs. The nests can be messy and can cause a fire hazard. Additionally the bird droppings can cause permanent damage to roofing materials.