Unfortunately, most Leeds homeowners don’t realise that something is wrong with their roof until it’s already too late.

Though we don’t necessarily blame people for this (lets face it, your roofing system isn’t the first thing you think about when considering a home improvement or maintenance project), maybe the very thing that you sleep under every night should receive a bit more loving care.

Ask yourself this: do you want to ensure that you and your family are safe?

Forgive us for assuming, but we’d guess that the answer is yes. If we were right then carry on reading – today DPR are outlining two simple things that you should be doing to keep your roof in pristine condition:

Regular inspections

Your roof should be checked throughout the year, and particularly during periods of extreme weather. After just one windy night, for instance, it could have accumulated all kinds of debris, such as leafs and foreign objects. Carefully going up to the area on a ladder and clearing any clogged spaces of the wreckage results in everything draining as it should – pools of water are never welcomed on roofs.

Annual maintenance programme

Having a local professional check your roof every once in a while has its obvious advantages – for a start they’re trained in doing what they do. Whether it just needs a good clean or some repair work undertaking, any respected Leeds roofing company should be able to complete the task at hand.

Having provided both domestic and commercial roofing services for over two decades, DPR are more than capable of delivering quality workmanship at an unrivalled price.

Our previous, existing and future customers can also be completely assured in knowing that we’ve always achieved in several accreditations for health and safety standards – our work isn’t just done well, but it’s done safely.

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