The roofs of homes and businesses throughout Leeds took the brunt of the bad weather in what was the coldest and wettest April for 100 years last month.

As the first line of defense in a building’s protection against the elements a roof can eventually succumb to the constant barrage of abuse it receives over a period of years. However, homeowners often have the annoyance of a leaky roof earlier than expected because the roof wasn’t done correctly in the first place.

Roofing repairs are frequently required simply because the materials used are often of low quality when the roof is first installed. Homeowners opt for a cheap installation to save money but only end up spending a large amount of money on the frequent repairs that will follow.

Those repairs are often carried out in the same manner as the installation, cheaply and quickly, which only results in further repairs being required at a later stage.

The total cost of damage and repairs following the April showers is yet to be calculated but whatever the cost, the figure could have been radically reduced had business and home owners made the proper investment in their initial roofing installations and repairs. 

With heavy rain predicted across the region for May, if you have any concerns that your roof may not withstand another bout of wet weather it would be advised to address the issue now, before it is too late.  Choose a roofer in Leeds who has all the necessary qualifications and skills to complete the work to a high standard, in addition to following the correct health and safety procedures. By choosing a NFRC registered roofer such as DPR, you will have the confidence of avoiding the risks and high costs associated with rain water damage.