Leeds Roofs survey team helped Mrs Poskitt after she had problems with her flat roof above the garage.

She contacted the Leeds roofers team because they felt had broken away and was not doing its job.

They proposed two options for the work to be carried out, at varying costs and styles.

The first was a simple, like-for-like replacement with new felt being placed above the brand new OSB3 garage boards.

This option would give a five year guarantee, with a life expectancy of 15 years and was the cheapest option of the provided work.

The other options, which would also change the look of the roof, was to put a super fibreglass roof, with a staggering 20 year guarantee over the garage.

The bespoke look should last over 50 years and with a special coating of a water tight coating, the engineers guarantee no water leakages.

This option is over double the price of the simple repair but would remove any worry or further damage to the flat roof.

For more information on flat roofs or to get a roof survey then contact the team on 0113 3470916.