At DPR we have multiple years experience when it comes to roof repairs. Our Leeds roofers are competent in a range of different skills and have seen almost any type of roofing problem.

Although some problems are very unique, there is however a number of more usual issues regarding roofs, which lead to them needing a repair. Below, our Leeds roofing team look at 10 of the most common reasons for roofing problems:

Roof leaks

Roof leaks occur for a number of different reasons. It might well be that there are poor seams and water can find its way underneath, or that the flashing on a built up roof have not been securely fastened. Improper installation of the roof can also cause problems, whilst issues can occur over time such as slipping tiles or cracked tiles which again allow water through the roof. This is one of the most common issues regarding roofs


The weather can play a huge part in causing roofing problems. Iles that are blown off the roof, heavy rains which find any small imperfection in the roofing membrane and leaves which clog gutters thus preventing proper rainfall removal are all key problems. After heavy winds, or wet weather that is not a common occurrence it is always advisable to get your roof checked by a professional.

Poor initial build quality

No matter what the weather is like, if the build quality of the roof has been poor initially, then roofing problems will arise. A poor installation process will dramatically shorten the life expectancy of the roof and will lead to the roof being unable to cope with expected levels of exposure.

Poor maintenance

Almost everyone falls into the category of not checking their roof often enough. Poor maintenance is one of the leading causes of roofing problems and can easily be avoided, Leaves in the gutters, failure to notice small gaps or any other problem can all be avoided before it is too late. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not act proactively and instead are left in a reactive situation when the problem has got too bad. If you live near large tress that always drop their leaves, getting someone to check your guttering could be a good idea. After strong winds, also do a visual check, look for bits of slate on the floor and get roofing professionals in if you are worried.

Wrong angle of roof

Pooling or ponding water on the roof can be caused by failing to have the correct angle of the pitch (this also applies to flat roofs as their middle section should be slightly raise to allow effect water runoff. We had an example recently where a homeowners pitched roof resembled more of a flat roof design,. This had huge consequences and lead to major roofing problems.


If you have people working on your roof every day, or up on your roof all the time, you do run the risk of getting punctures or weak points where there is high traffic. Roof top gardens might have these issues and you should have provisions in place if this is the case.


Unfortunately, the roofing industry has got a stigma regarding a cowboy builder because of the shortcuts some people take. This has lead to a number of roofing problems in the past and unfortunately will continue to be one of the main reasons of problems.

Poor repair

Poor repairs are also a very common problem. This can be DIY jobs or sometimes done by a ‘professional’ roofers. It might well be due to the fact that you might see where the problem area is but not where it has been caused from so again and again the problem flairs up. Over time this severely weakens the whole roof and you get a situation where the roof is in a very bad state.

My roof has shrunk

Yes this does happen. Less so that it used to but it does happen.


Blistering or splitting can occur over time and if not dealt with properly can lead to much more serious problems. Blistering can happen due to the extremes of the weather but should you notice a problem it is important to get it sorted right away.

These are the top 10 reasons for roofing problems in Leeds. If you require professional roofing services including new roof builds or a roof repair caused by one of the issues listed above, please do not hesitate to contact our team on: 0113 3470918.