According to ITV News, thousands of people who rent property from private landlords in Yorkshire are scared to report a leaking roof, broken windows or other problems within their home because of fear of eviction.

A poll conducted by YouGov and then analysed by Shelter Researchers found that every 1 in 14 renters in Yorkshire avoided asking their private landlord to repair their roof because of this fear. The situation is feared much higher in inner city areas of Leeds, where many people rent homes and work in the city.

According to the same research, around a third of the people who responded to the poll have experienced damp, mould or water coming into their property, all from faulty roofs. Of this, just under a quarter have lived with the problem and not had a repair carried out. Some of these people, around 16% also claim the leaks have also caused an electrical hazard within their Leeds home.

Leeds Roofers would like to remind people that living with mould or damp in your property can have serious adverse affects on health.

No-one should lose their home for reporting a problem, but according to Campbell Robb the CEO of Shelter, these findings show the unfair and appalling evictions that take place across the country.

In his statement Robb also added: “As homeownership drifts further out of reach, more of us are facing the prospect of settling down and bringing up a family in a rented home. But with private renters facing the worst housing conditions in the country – and the chance of eviction if they complain – generation rent is getting a raw deal. The government must protect England&#146s nine million renters from unfair evictions.”

Leeds Roofers are urging renters to get their problems fixed as not reporting it can have more serious implications to both health and the state of the roof. Over time it will just disintegrate which could mean one day the roof caves in. You can also get seriously ill through mould and damp.

If your private landlord is worried about cots of a roof repair, tell him about Leeds Roofers who offer a cost effective pricing structure meaning repairs are never as expensive as you think.

If you are worried however about reporting your roof problem to your landlord and need some professional advice, please call one of our team on 0113 335 0043. We are happy to help.