DPR are one of the leading roofing service suppliers in Yorkshire. We have carried out thousands of jobs in our 28 years of operation. In the past three decades many roofing firms have come and gone, so what is it that separates DPR from other roofing service providers?

We have found, when it all boils down to it, that it’s the little things. We like to go the extra mile, and provide that extra service that most other roofing companies wouldn’t. A perfect example of this can be seen in a job we recently carried out.

We received a call from a client in Holmfirth, saying that there were signs that her gutter was leaking. We asked for a picture and saw what she meant. We knew it would be an easy fix, a 30 minute job at most, so we provided a quote which was readily accepted and we scheduled to attend the site within a few days.

Actually repairing the gutter (which simply needed re-sealing on the join) took us hardly any time but what separates us from other roofers is the little extra services we provide. If you look at the picture you can see that the wall was stained from the water from the leak. We spotted this during the initial inspection, and so when we went to attend the job we made sure that we had some masonry cleaning acid with us. This way, after patching the gutter up we could clean the wall up and make sure the house looked good as new, leaving no sign the gutter ever leaked.


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