The importance of checking your gutters has always been stressed by roofers but they are still thousands of people in the Pontefract area that still do not find time, or get them professionally check each year.

Gutters become blocked with leaves, rubbish and rubble and during periods of unsettled weather can cause damage to the roof.

In 2013, a company contacted us after a period of unsettled weather had caused water, which had been tipping out of their roof gutters, to gain access to the building and damage over £20,000 worth of stock. Some of those items that were damaged included electrical products and the main electric fuse board was positioned right under the major leakage point.

Upon surveying the roof, our Pontefract roofers discovered that the cause of the problem was the guttering. Debris, leaves and rubbish had built up over a period of months and years, so much so, that it had caused a blockage which prevented water from escaping.

Like most people however, this could not been seen and they did not realise there was a problem until it was too late. Luckily however, our team of roofers were on hand to clear the problem using water jets and by hand, as well as repairing the damp patches.

This is one example of how it can go catastrophically wrong and it could have been prevented. For only £300, we offer regular property maintenance where we check your gutters, roof tiles and much more and sort out any problems there and then. This can then solve the problem caused by blocked gutters which lead to blockages which cause the water to overflow.

So if you live in the Pontefract area, and are worried about your guttering or the damage a blockage could cause, please call 01977 220016.