Safety is paramount for commercial property owners. Whether it’s for your own business or your tenants, it’s essential to provide a safe working environment. And the roof has a big part to play.

Your property’s roof protects it from the ever-changing weather, from wind and rain to snow and ice. With this in mind, any problems with your roof can pose a serious safety risk to employees or tenants. Read on as we explore what kind of risks commercial roofing can pose, how to spot them and how to resolve them.

  1. Leaks

Leaks can pose a serious safety risk in commercial properties. Why? Firstly, with electrics. Water that isn’t diverted off the roof can make its way through the walls. This can cause the insulation to clump on electrical wiring, or seep through junction boxes, and eventually come into contact with the live wires themselves. When it does so, it could spark and ignite surrounding materials. The results can be devastating, causing serious financial damage or even worse threatening lives.

Leaks can also cause damage to equipment if they come through the ceiling and drip onto computers or furniture. Similarly, if a leak goes unnoticed, it can leave wet floors without caution. With no warning in place, it won’t be long before somebody slips, potentially causing a serious injury.

The solution? Get your roof inspected at the first sign of a leak. Whether it’s damp patches in the ceiling or at the top of the wall, or a small drip beginning in bad weather – get it seen to by the professionals. They will be able to locate the point of entry and fix it promptly before anything more serious happens.

  1. Falling tiles

Another risk posed by an unsafe roof is falling tiles. After decades of battering from rain and wind, roof tiles will eventually become weak. The odd tile may even fall from the roof. This poses a clear safety risk for anyone outside the building at any given time.

It’s unlikely that one tile falling will be an isolated incident. Over the coming months, you can expect to see more dropping off. It’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt or something gets damaged.

So, what can you do? Get your roof inspected the moment you see a tile fall or notice a missing tile on your roof. Falling tiles are a tell-tale sign of an aging roof, meaning you may need a replacement. However, it may just be that one part of the roof has been damaged by falling debris, in which case the tiles can be replaced to prevent weather penetrating the roof.

  1. Guttering

It’s not just the roof itself that can cause safety problems. Guttering is an essential part of the roofing system, directing water away from the property’s walls and foundations. If it’s clogged or broken, there are a number of safety risks involved.

Clogged guttering blocks the flow of water, leading it to overflow out of the guttering system. The same can happen with cracks in guttering, which allow water to flow out. In both cases, water can fall outside the property leading to slippery surfaces, or even make its way into your property and cause serious damage.

Alternatively, parts of the guttering may become loose. Eventually, this can lead to parts of the guttering falling off or even whole sections ripping away from your property.

To avoid major problems with guttering, be sure to keep an eye on your property gutters. As soon as you spot any problems, whether it’s clogging or loose sections, be sure to get a professional inspection. Consider regular gutter cleaning too, which can stop most problems developing in the first place.

  1. Collapsing roof

Potentially the most dreaded problem with roofing is a complete collapse. Understandably, this is a huge issue for safety, putting anyone in the building at risk of falling debris. The good news? There are numerous warning signs before roofs collapse.

Cracks, ripples or buckles may appear in the ceiling of your property. This could be a sign of excess pressure on the ceiling from the roof, which generally indicates the roof is failing to fulfil its essential purpose.

There may also be signs of distress on the property’s exterior. Cracks or crumbling in the brickwork sometimes indicate that the roof is spreading outward and putting too much pressure on the masonry.

Sagging is another problematic sign, which can be visible on both the inside and outside of your property. On the outside, look for any dips in the pitch of the roof as well as sagging on the line of the roof. Inside, focus on pipes and ducts, which can fall away from mounts when the roof is sagging.

Don’t put people at risk

When it comes to the safety of your employees or tenants, you simply can’t compromise. Not only for moral reasons but also to avoid any hefty fees from legal proceedings. As soon as you spot any issues with the roof on your commercial property, be sure to get a thorough inspection.

At DPR Roofing, we provide professional roofing services across Leeds and the surrounding areas. With a prompt inspection, our highly skilled team can identify the root of the problem and rectify it with high quality repairs. The result is complete peace of mind and no unexpected maintenance costs in the long run. And we even provide 24-hour response for emergencies. Get in touch today to arrange your inspection and free, no obligation quote.

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