The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner and we’re all busy making sure we’re prepared. For many, a beautifully decorated house is high on the list of priorities. Lights, ornaments, inflatables, trees – the list of outdoor decorations is endless. But is your roof really strong enough to hold all of your Christmas favourites? And is it safe for you to hang lights from the roof yourself?

Safety concerns

The first issue with hanging lights from your roof is the risk you post to your own safety. Climbing up a ladder or onto your roof to hang Christmas decorations is a recipe for disaster. Doing so in winter, with all the rain and icy conditions, makes things even more dangerous.

If you’re not prepared with the correct safety equipment and training, one bad move could seriously damage both yourself and your home. That’s not even mentioning the strength of your roof, which could easily break as you hang lights.

Protecting your roof

Unless you’re a professional roofer, it’s almost impossible to spot a weak roof before it’s too late. Your roof may appear to be in good working order, but once you’ve fixed in the first Christmas light, you might begin to see otherwise.

Christmas lights can even cause problems on a strong roof. Many people attach their lights to the base of their roof or the guttering. This can create breaks and weak spots, leading to leaks and damaging your property.

Leave it to the professionals

Nobody should attempt to climb onto or attach anything to their roof without having a professional inspection beforehand. A professional roofer can differentiate between a good and bad roof, or where is safe to decorate. Until then, maybe it’s best to keep the Christmas spirit indoors and keep yourself and your home safe.

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