Roofs are getting more complex as more and more people consider making them greener, eco friendly or wish to use some of the very latest materials which will enable their roof to last longer and cost less.

At the same time, the roofing industry governing bodies which control the quality measures and working restrictions, have all been tightening their structures and making subtle changes to the way in which roofers can work. These changes are designed to help with the continued roofer safety programme, with the numbers of roofers who suffer serious injury continuing to fall each year, and also ensure that minimal disruption is caused during high end quality roof repair or new build work in Leeds and across the UK.

As a result, it is becoming imperative that you choice a roofer who works closely to these standards and is continually training themselves on the latest products. Although many similarities remain the same and if you know a method to repair a roof tile this will still work, quicker and more effective methods have been found which can save you time and money. Also with new products coming out each year, such as the new and improved fibreglass flat roofing structures, if correct training has not been undertaken, the quality of the roof work will be lower and your roof and home could compromised.

For all these reasons, making sure your roofer to complete your work is qualified is becoming vital.

So what can you do to ensure that the quote you receive is from the most highly qualified Leeds roofers and the choice you make will not leave you in a tricky situation once the work has started? Well all roofing companies that are qualified with the boards will show certificates and accreditations on their websites, so check this out first. Also ask them when they quote you a price what their current qualifications are. Our Leeds roofers will be more than happy to explain what training they have been on recently so you know you are in safe hands; this is part of our complete roofing service package and we do not want you having a nasty experience with any roofing work. There are many other ways you can check credibility such as via testimonials or speak to friends who may know the roofers, having had roof work done previously.

Alternatively, why not speak to one of our team? With all the current qualifications and an ethos whereby we continually strive for high roofing performance, all your roofing problems can be resolved effectively, efficiently and at little disruption.

For more information on the qualifications that our roofers in Leeds currently hold, or to arrange for our surveyors to come and look at your roof, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 335 0043.