DPR Roofing has a long and productive partnership with Unity Housing in Leeds and this has just been extended by the start of a huge new project with them.

Unity Housing Association is an organisation in Leeds committed to building strong sustainable neighbourhoods through the provision of high quality housing, social and employment opportunities.

We have provided roofing services for Unity for nearly two years now. In this time the partnership has flourished as we have worked on more and more buildings for them.

Recently, they asked us to undertake one of the biggest projects yet. Unity housing requested that we carry out a survey on 185 separate properties in the Leeds area. After the surveys are done on all 185 houses, Unity have asked DPR roofing to then complete any necessary works on a priority basis of importance.

All of these properties are pre-war/Victorian buildings and have had very little roof work since they were built. Therefore we are expecting a lot of age related defects and that a lot of maintenance and repair work will need to be carried out.

We enjoy jobs like this, as typically by carrying out works on older buildings we immediately improve the life of the residents within the house and make the property more attractive too. This could be via improved insulation, making the house warmer and reducing bills. Or by making it properly water tight with new gutters/roofs thus getting rid of damp and mould.

All at DPR are excited to get this project underway, and are grateful to Unity Housing for allowing us to stretch our legs and really get stuck into this one.

DPR offer a complete range of roofing services to both domestic and commercial clients, from lead work, to gutter cleaning to full scale roof replacements. If you are in Leeds, or anywhere in Yorkshire, and in need of our services then just call us on 0113 335 0043.