DPR Roofing were called out to a property in Paddock, Huddersfield recently as the occupants were concerned over a large area of damp that had penetrated one of their bedrooms.

Roofers from DPR attended the property and carried out a thorough inspection of the roof. They discovered problems with the chimney lead flashings, step soakers and the chimney soakers which were allowing water penetration during wet weather.

The roof repair project involved stripping out of the slates to expose the lead soakers to the stepped wall up to the chimney stack. Stripping out the slates around chimney lead flashings to expose all lead work. The slates were set aside for reuse. The roofers then removed all existing lead work to step soakers and refitting of all lead soakers and flashings in quality code four lead, all flashings were plugged with traditional lead plugs and pointed off in a leadmate compound as mortar cracks due to differential thermal movement of mortar and lead. Finally they reset all of the slates, replacing any that were damaged with quality second hand slates and fixed with code 4 lead straps and galvanised fixings.