There is a certain inevitability about your roof accruing some sort of damage over time. This may typically be the result of poor workmanship, a bad guttering system or just simply weathering.

From experience, we’d say that the most common of roofing problems in Leeds is a cracked tile. Fixing this particular issue quickly is important, as otherwise your roof is likely to leak or be damaged further.

If you’d like to and are confident with replacing your own roof tile, then listen up. Here is a brief guide of how to go about it:

1. Make sure you have the correct replacement

As obvious as it sounds, this bit can be easy to forget – you must ensure that you have the right replacement tile. If you’re unsure of what will fit your roof, take an existing slate to a local Leeds roofing supplier. They should be able to make a match for you.

2. Get onto the roof

This is the part where DPR advise extreme caution. Falling from a roof can be deadly, so should you not be completely confident at inspecting it yourself, please call in a professional instead. Our Leeds-based roofers, for example, are highly trained at what they do.

3. Raise the surrounding tiles

To remove the broken tile you’ll have to raise the ones that overlap it. You can do this by using a flat pry bar and wedges. The cracked tile should consequently slip out easily.

4. Slide the new tile into position

With the old tile removed, the new one should slide securely into place. Remember to ensure that the overlapping tiles are put back in place and that the designated area feels completely safe and secure. If anything feels a tad loose you may be going back up sooner than you wanted to!

As mentioned, please take care when on your roof – we have previously discussed how important health and safety is when it comes to roofing.

If you’d rather leave it to a respected local professional, why not call DPR? We have been providing our domestic and commercial services to customers across Leeds since way back in 1989.

To find out more about what we do, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 347 0918.