The exterior of your house is exposed to the elements and is particularly vulnerable during the winter months. The extra pressure can take its toll on domestic guttering systems overwhelming them and causing them to need repairing. During the last 26 years, DPR have worked hard to establish a reputation as one of the leading professional roofing contractors in Leeds so you know you can trust our knowledge and experience. Here are some common issues that can result in broken or damaged guttering.

Overflowing hopper head

Water overflowing from a hopper head indicates that there is a blockage in the hopper head, probably caused by leaves. Alternatively there maybe a blockage in the downpipe below it, either issue will need to be resolved quickly by scooping out any leaves to relieve the pressure build up. DPR understand cleaning gutters isn’t a pleasant job as over time leaves and debris will decompose if left for too long. However, with our twenty-four hour response service we ensure a speedy resolution for any emergency issue.

Leaking gutter joints

Plastic guttering is more prone to cracks and leaks particularly at the joins, although metal guttering tends to be more durable, a sealant repair may be required to reduce the potential damage. A leak may also occur if the guttering has come loose or been wrongly positioned putting unnecessary strain on the brackets causing the guttering to sag in places and pools for water to form. Whether it be simply screwing in a loose bracket or realigning the guttering, DPR&#146s experienced roofers take a great deal of pride in our workmanship and understand the upset caused by a job not done right.

Loose downpipes

One of the easiest and most common issues our DPR engineers come across is loose downpipes, in many case one of the clips may have lost its bolt causing the downpipes to shift out of position. Alternatively the movement may be a result of the wall plugs being worked loose from extensive rain or bad weather. Both of these issues can easily be resolved by a trained roofer with access to the appropriate equipment.

As a credible roofing contractor, DPR Roofing Leeds understand that a damaged or clogged guttering can have serious implications for your home both ascetically and structurally. DPR Roofing Leeds pledges to finish all gutter clearance and gutter repairs to the highest quality standards.

For further information regarding domestic or commercial gutter clearance, gutter cleaning or gutter repairs in Leeds or anywhere around Yorkshire please don’t hesitate to call 0113 335 0043 or get in contact via email [email protected]