Guttering on domestic and commercial properties can get clogged up with debris during the winter months as leaves and twigs fall off trees. This is common in areas outside of the city where there are more open spaces. Now that we have reached Spring and the winter weather is behind us, it is time to get out and check/clean your gutters.

Gutters are easy to clean and you should check them at least twice a year to stop the debris building up too much. If left to collect debris, the excess weight of leaves and twigs can cause even greater issues, including cracks in the guttering. Clogs in the downpipes can also cause water to pool around the roof, contributing to water ingress.

Before cleaning, try and watch the weather for a while. Debris that is dry is much lighter and easier to clean than wet leaves and mush. If possible use a trowel to scoop out any of the wet stuff at the bottom or to remove blockages. When cleaning, always start at the end of the down pipe and work your way out from this point. If your downpipe has a filter remove this and clean is thoroughly. Try water jetting any bits that might have got caught and you cannot remove by hand.

When all the large debris has been removed from the pipe and you have made your way to the other end, use a hose or water jet to force any other muck from within your gutters down into the drains. Start away from the downpipe and work your way across once again. If after doing this the water does not drain away then this could indicate a problem in your down pipe. Using the hose again, but this time on full pressure feed it up the downpipe and try and break up any blockages.

If after doing all of the above you still notice water sitting in your gutters, you could have a wrongly sloped gutter alignment. Gutters should slope ever so slightly down towards the downpipe meaning no water collects or pools in the guttering. Professional help from one of our team should eradicate the problem, with the use of specialist equipment.

Should you have a constant issue with debris getting into your gutters, you could try a gutter screen which can be installed on top for the guttering. This ensures that only water off the roof runs into the gutters keeping them flowing.

If you have a problem with your gutters and would like professional help, please contact one of our team today on 0113 335 0043.