The recent adverse weather conditions in February have left roofers across Yorkshire with no shortage of work, with many of 200 calls received by South Yorkshire police alone about weather-related incidents involving damage to roofs in the wider area.

In Sheffield, the roof of a care home for the elderly was completely blown off in the wind, resulting in around 30 of its residents being moved out of the sheltered accommodation and into the Northern General Hospital for the night. Thankfully, none of the residents of the home were injured.

Meanwhile, In Rotherham, the town’s historic Minister was left damaged after a stone pinnacle broke away from the building and became lodged in the roof, scattering the broken roof woodwork across the north aisle of the building’s interior. In Huddersfield, Salendine Nook High School was also a victim of extreme weather, as high winds blew off the roof of its swimming pool.

Members of the fire service in Whitby and Scarborough were called to assist a roofer who had become trapped on a roof while attempting to make a repair.

Much of the flying debris caused by the wind has not only caused damage to roofs (as in the case of Rotherham Minster), but poorly maintained roofing has been a major contributor to the debris with slates flying off of roofs becoming a major issue.

This has been a busy few months for roofing services. Leeds suburb Hyde Park witnessed the roof of its Grand Mosque being blown off, and Bramley had its shopping centre closed for fear of passers by being injured in gale force winds. Leeds City Council announced the temporary closure of its popular German Market on Millennium Square for the same reasons.

As predicted in a previous news article on this site, winds reached in excess of 50mph, leading to a spate of damage involving not only loose tiles, but also guttering.

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