Although with most roofs, the repair work will be exactly as you can see, such as missing tiles or broken guttering, occasionally, there are many hidden perils which can make the work much more dangerous and more serious.

Last month, our Huddersfield roofers attended job nearby at a local nursery, where their flat roof had become in need of an urgent repair, The felt they had on previously had started to lift and it provided very little protection from rain water which had found its way into the building.

After a comprehensive survey, which discovered that quite a lot of the roof was in a poor state and that by working on it could uncover other problems and a competitive quote having been agreed for a new GRP flat roof, our team began to remove the felt on the section of roof which had been agreed. However although we knew we would need to replace some of the wood underneath, it was not until we saw the full extent of the work that we realised this roof was in serious risk of collapsing and not just at the area where we were repairing.

Such was the severity of the issue, we cleared all the items from the room below and continued working slowly and carefully, trying to save as much of the roof as possible, However, as we continued along, the roof became worse and worse away from the problematic original area, and it was apparent that the roof would collapse. And that is exactly what it did.

No-one was hurt in the collapse and although the owner was a little shocked, they were delighted that our team had taken the precaution and informed them along the way of what might happen. The wood in this area was so rotten that it offered no support at all and could have collapsed at any time, injury many children and care workers in the process. Thankfully, we were able to rebuild the roof in the brand new GRP material which will provide multiples years protection against water damage and the whole job was completed in a short period of time.

This one example shows how serious a small issue to your roof can be and highlights why if you have roof damage, you need to seek professional advice quickly before a catastrophe arises. This example was lucky because our Huddersfield roofers were on site when it happened, but it could have been a more serious tragedy.

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