Having a problem with your Leeds roof can be a big issue, but if your roof has gone into high levels of disrepair and become fragile, it can be an even bigger hazard.

Not only can it be a danger to the residents of the home or building, but also to the Leeds roofers who are going to undertake the repair work on the roof.

Missing tiles, holes, weak points and damage could all break away once weight is added, as well as cover more serious problems such as broken wooden structures underneath. Serious injury could occur if persons were to not follow the correct procedure and could result in serious injury. This is why it is important to use trusted and certified roofers for any repair work because they are experiences and trained in health and safety to prevent injury to themselves during the tricky work.

Here at DPR, all our roofers in Leeds have been on training courses to ensure safety within the workplace and it is also one of the reasons we carry out extensive surveys before any work takes place. Our surveys team are qualified to the highest of levels and produce detailed reports to make certain of safe work during the roof repair.

With high access roofs, we also have a high access boom which allows us to reach the difficult places safely and not have to balance ladders at precarious angles, which could slip causing injury.

At this point, we would like to urge home and business owners to be careful and to not try and attempt any repairs on fragile roofs without seeking professional help. Falling from a great height could lead to serious injury, as well as damaging more of the roof, at both a financial and physical cost to yourself.

For more information on how a fragile roof can be repaired safely, or to have your fragile roof repaired, please contact leading specialists DPR on 0113 335 0043. Our Leeds roofers can come to your rescue safely and prevent any further damage to belongings or people.