DPR Roofing has recently completed a job for Hedley Hydraulics, a former neighbour of DPR Roofing when we resided in Crigglestone. Their electrically controlled Velux windows were not working which caused a huge fire risk for office staff at the large commercial property.

After visiting their site at the beginning of the month, Darren looked over all the windows and after having a discussion with one of their friendly staff members, was quickly able to determine the major problems. The colleague from Hedley Hydraulics informed the team that during the warm weather we had been experiencing, their upper rooms were like a sauna which made working conditions incredibly difficult.

What was even more alarming about the situation was that the windows were the main fire exit out of the building for the upstairs if the stairs were not able to be used should there be a fire below. With them not able to open there was a huge fire risk as previously mentioned.

Darren and the rest of the team quickly came back with a plan to remove all the electric motors, carry out alteration and make them manually operational plus fit solar blackout blinds, they were commissioned to carry out the overhaul and refurbishment so all staff were now happy with the heat protection but more importantly with the safety aspect.

To the delight of the company, DPR were able to complete the jobs quickly and effectively, which now allows them to have fresh air into the building every day and eliminates the tricky working conditions during the warmer months.

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