DPR are leading Leeds roofers carrying out repair work to pitched roofs, commercial roofs and also flat roofs in the area.

Flat roofs are popular in parts of homes and on garages however issues can occur with them should they not have the correct angle to allow water to drain off, and can show signs of wear and tear. Because of this our roofers are all trained in repair work in flat roofing to meet the needs of the general public.

From simple asphalt assembly and bitumen waterproofing solutions, right through to advanced flat roofing work which can include single ply membranes, our roofers are complete in every facet of flat roofing, We also have the knowledge and skill sets in place to recommend differing materials which can have added benefits, such as resistance to water, or longer lifespan.

We understand that no two clients are going to have the same demands so we treat everyone individually and offer a flat roof service that is tailor-made, for a number of different financial constraints. Because of this, our Leeds roofers are the recommend choice for flat roofing work in the area, whether they are for garages or house extensions.

We are also able to provide the complete end to end solution on new flat roof work from the initial survey through to completion.

For more information on our flat roofing repairs or new build service, or would like to discuss flat roofs with one of our team, please call our Leeds roofers on 0113 335 0043.