DPR were called in to carry out roof repairs after the recent theft of lead from the roof of a Fish and Chip shop in Ossett, Wakefield. The thieves had targeted the roof due to the current high value of lead and had caused considerable damage to the roof in the process of the crime.

The project involved stripping down of the hip to the single storey roof due to the damaged tiles beneath. Removing the damaged tiles and replacing them with new. Resetting the ridge tiles back to new mortar bedding and incorporate a hip iron. Removal of the remnants of damaged lead work, cleaning down mortar chases and fitting a quality lead substitute material which has no scrap value. The lead substitute was chased into the mortar joint and pointed off with a lead mate
compound for ultimate water protection.

DPR included precautionary works to the verge edge lead work as it was felt this would be an area that is highly likely to be targeted by thieves in the future and could cause considerable damage to the property if removed.