DPR were called out to an emergency last week by Wakefield Estates as they continue to be used frequently after their recent contract with the property owners was signed.

The Wakefield Estate group had a huge problem as the main atrium glass roof was leaking and after many attempts by other companies had failed, required the leak to be solved quickly and effectively before more damage prevailed. DPR’s expert team were on hand and used the latest technology and materials from the USA to complete the job.

With a safety board erected and the new, expensive state of the art materials from the USA applied to seal the leaking windows, the repair was completed very quickly and with great success. These materials are superb and come with a life expectancy of 50 years, meaning the atrium should not have a recurrent leak any time soon.

Wakefield’ leading Roofers have always used the best quality materials for the job and this product will eradicate any old issues. Because of the glass roof and the grand size, this product will also provide additional strength making it even better when it comes to withstanding other weather conditions.

This is one in a line of jobs that DPR have already done for the Wakefield Estates group. After the recent job they completed at Castleford Campus, the head caretaker Richard said: “Just to confirm the repairs to the roof leak at Wakefield college Castleford Campus has a 100% success rate; not a drop of water on the floor in reception this morning. Thank you very much and please pass this on to the lads that did such a good job.”

DPR are delighted to be involved with Wakefield Estates and hope that this partnership will continue to benefit both parties. If you require any commercial or educational roofing problems within the Wakefield area fixed quickly, you can contact our team on 01924 637079. For more information about the services we offer, check out our website or call to discuss your personal requirements.