Following a lead theft attempt the occupants of a property in Cleckheaton contacted DPR Roofing Huddersfield to come and inspect the damage caused to the roof.

DPR’s roofers found that the roof had been damaged to such an extent that the roof was completely open to the elements. They carried out emergency repairs to the damaged roof in order to protect the property from the elements.

DPR did not recommend renewing the roof in lead as it has the potential to be targeted by criminals. They instead proposed and implemented a roof that would have no scrap value or interest to thieves yet still had a lifespan far superior to a felt roof.

The project involved stripping the remainder of the damaged sheet lead roof and de-nailing the roof to allow new tongued and grooved 0SB3 Sterling roof decking boards to be fitted. Fitting of bespoke pre-made fibreglass trims to the roof perimeter and applying new resin coat and fibreglass matting to all junctions of such. Cleaning down the roof decking applying a laminate resin coat in conjunction with high quality fibre glass matting and to extend to bind in with the pre-fitted trims. Preparation of al joints with glasspaper in readiness for a final clean off of all dust and finally application of the specially formulated coloured topcoat to all the roof area and trims to make a seamless watertight seal.